How The Process Works

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Tell us about your property.

It’s quick, easy and free!

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If it meets our buying criteria…

We will contact you to setup a quick appointment

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We present your with a fair offer…

Or discuss the best method to proceed.

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We close at a local reputable title company.

Have cash in your hands in as little as 7 days!

Timeframe: Once we get your property information, we’re usually able to make you an offer within 24 hours. From there, we can close as quickly as 7 days… or on your schedule.

Selling Your House Can Be A Quick And Simple Process

Sound Acquisitions, LLC buys houses in and around Seattle (and other areas too!). We’re not listing your house… we’re actually the ones buying your house. Because we pay cash, we’re able to close quickly… or on your schedule.

When you work with us there are no fees and no commissions like there are when you list your house with a traditional agent. You never have to worry about any extra costs to sell your house fast coming out of your pocket, or even getting your “market-ready” to sell. We want to buy your house as-is.

No matter how ugly or pretty it is and no matter the location, we buy houses in Washington in any condition.

I have some questions…

  • What does “as is” mean?
  • What makes you different than other buyers contacting me?
  • How fast is the closing?
  • What if I don’t need a fast closing?
  • Will I get a low-ball offer?
  • What is your deceased estate program all about?
  • Is this even legit?

What does “as-is” mean?

We buy your home as-is, meaning you don’t have to worry about doing repairs, fixing your home up, or getting it ready for showings. We’ll handle all repairs, inspections, and more after we purchase your home. We factor this into our offer, of course, but it saves you the money and the headache associated with getting your home ready to sell.

What makes you different than other buyers contacting me?

Our knowledge and willingness to work with you sets us apart. For example, we put down large earnest money deposits on all properties we purchase. Not only does this show we are serious but we can even release these funds to you before closing. These funds can be used for hiring movers, paying for a storage unit, etc. Normal buyers will not release money to you like this. We also pay for our legal team to solve title challenges should they arise. Real estate professionals trust our expertise and as a result, continue to rely on us because they know we can get it done for their client.

How fast is a fast closing?

After you send us information about your home, we can make you a no-obligation offer in as little as 24 hours. Once you accept, we close at a local, reputable title company which is usually First American Title in as little as 7 days. Compare that to the 40+ days it can take to close when listing your house the traditional way, and the benefits are obvious!

What if I don’t need a fast closing?

At Sound Acquisitions, we work on your time frame. If you don’t need a fast closing due to the need to make arrangements, explore your future options, etc., we will schedule the closing on the day that works best for you!

Will I get a lowball offer?

Our goal is to provide you with the fairest offer possible. Unlike other buyers or big tech giants, we’re transparent with how we arrive at an offer amount. What we offer is based on what the value of the property maybe once we make the necessary improvements and upgrades. We’re entirely transparent with this offer process and happy to walk you through how it works. We also have programs that allow us to pay close to full retail value for properties.

What is your deceased estate program all about?

Remember, we are experts at overcoming title challenges. Our legal team knows the quickest ways to navigate through the Washington State probate law. Our team includes genealogists and private investigators who can determine heirship for complicated estates. This allows us to provide quick solutions when most real estate brokers recommend you handling these problems before contacting them again. We take this business very seriously and are confident we can solve your estate problem better than any other company! Give us a call or shoot us a text at (206)866-0052 if you want to tell us about your challenging estate matter.

Is this even legit?

Yes, it is! The real estate industry is rapidly changing, and thousands of Americans are exploring their options when it comes to selling their house in the fastest, easiest, and most transparent way. That’s where we come in. We offer an alternative for those homeowners who may not have the time or ability to list their house on the market for top dollar. We’ll work with you to assess your situation, make you a transparent offer, and close on your timeline.